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Bound by chains Obey every word that they say to me Not only do they hold me down they manipulate the way I think Sometimes they let me free but still they hang from me Not for more

I've done it once again. Sunk down to my lowest depths. I try and push on, easier said than done. Black clouds surround me, stuck in a world with no setting sun. Buried alive more

There's someone who's sorry But i am not Quit waiting for apologies Show me what you got I've been your fool a time or two But not this time I'm going to dig a hole and more

Do you remember the moment you walked away I tried to stop you you did not want to say I confronted you and all you did was lie All you did was lie You tried to escape more

the moon is rising up on earth sky has changed from blue to black there's an army coming down the way determined to fight with knives and flames a pack of wolves from hell more

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