Peroxatine Lyrics & Chords By Wilt

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Hey, sometimes I look at myself and
Some reflections tell the story of a broken man
All this and all mine, my mind is on fire
Take the tablets stay in bed and everything is fine
And you know you'll never laugh like that again
Well that's okay, everything is gay
Swallow the pill
It's better when you're levelled by the sadness
And the madness
By the shaking in my mind (and the sadness, and the madness)
Could you still demand (levelled by the sadness)
When I crumble in your hand why (and the madness, and the sadness)
They just fail to understand (and the madness)
Lie down relax and just describe to me
Where it hurts the most your thoughts on how your body feels
Prescribe your prescriptions, it won't change a thing
Symptomatic of the shaking of the new disease
[chorus x2]
And I don't blame myself for feeling like I do
And I can't leave myself in spite of you
Hey, I am loathed to face another forty years
Hey, I am loathed to face a stomach full of tears
Someone, somewhere, you've got to help me please
I can feel the pressure building with peroxatine
Looking at you, looking at mne
Every word you say is breaking up now I can't see
[chorus x2]

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