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Teachers who saw their education as a blessin Come to school now all in a sort of depression All o' da kids in the class, they all stressin The teacher's just waitin for more

Don't ever hand me a dead mic, hand me a light and a Red Stripe Before you end up Colombian neck tied Run from your death get caught in the next life Hit with a very heavy more

Verse 1 Yo, if i reach a boiling point roll me a joint. heads or tails, let me toss my coin. If it lands on tails then im bringing em' hell. Beating them pussies straight more

x2 How many lives have we lost to the Maangamizi It's way bigger than the pain that I place on the CD If I told you all the truth would you really believe me? It's more

This could be a hip-hop anthem I hold the microphone for ransom, fire at random As the crowds gather, clear the stage for the rapper Don't speak, don't interrupt, keep more

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