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Hell Venom Don't cry, baby don't cry Don't shed any tears for me Yes I'm evil So fucking evil He won't let my head out of me Don't cry baby Don't cry Don't shed more

How do you think I felt that day
I made up for all your mistakes?
You never think of consequences
Carelessly destructive, you fall down I can see you sittin' more

What makes you think you're fooling me?
Do you think I was born yesterday?
When I look at you all that I can see is what you try to be
Why can't you just stop more

So good winter is ending up Hope it's not gonna rain a lot To do some of my favorite things Things that ake me bright I want to wear my sunglasses as the sky is blue more

You say you're not in love because you think it feels Differently But if you've never felt it how can you be sure? I don't claim to have the answers and our future's Hard more

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