Play On, Soft Pipes Lyrics & Chords By Apart

LyricsView Chords freckles, tell me where I went wrong. I'll do anything, I'll be anyone to get back to where I feel I belong to go back before I kept writing the same fucking song.

These days it seems, I have to catch my breath
these nights have turned into meditation without rest

So home is living like a man on the run
now my chest neglects to protect these bruised and broken lungs
and my voice still cracks to those songs we sung
now I am not anyone's anyone
maybe later, in another 12 months
I'll stop placing blame, regressing.

I am not anyone

I am my own setting sun
sinking beneath the weight
of a skyline dressed in green and gold
I am dragging these nails in my hand all the way home

I'm so tired of carrying crosses
losing sleep and counting losses

Now I'm left with this hole that I'm trying to fill, but nothing comes close and nothing ever will
So if there're any options, I've yet to exhausted
I'll fill in the spaces and excavate fossils
and carry around the last three years in my pockets
and break my back under the weight of these crosses
and make believe I don't keep time by watching losses
when in the end, I am not anyone, I am nothing.

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