Poslúchaj Alebo Zdochni Lyrics & Chords By Davová Psychóza

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don't care where you from anyway I don't care lots of money anyway I don't care what you say anyway I don't care lots of clothes anyway I don't care I don't care more

For too long we've scoffed at the actions of the rest of the world, But what do we have to show for all our arrogance? Division, mistrust, and betrayal plague us just as badly more

oh, its a town of f**king fantasy, wish i went to ucb cause there are thirty thousand stupid kids and they're all brain washed into what they see it's a college more

Another child born to the house, I hate children Raise him right so he won't be a mouse, I hate children I hate it when they make lots of noise, I hate children And I broke more

Gas chamber! Where's the light? Stay at home Don't feel right I'm in my room All the time Trapped inside This twisted mind Gas chamber! Cannot breathe Time more

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