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It was the night Rod Stewart played
And we were, were standing in the pouring rain
If I had known it was the last time I would see you again...
I would change everything...

I look through the broken glass I watch the storm go through my mind
There's so much I had to say I know the words I left behind
And now I'm caught in a daydream with nowhere to run and hide
The world rushes by me, it's leaving me here all alone
(I would change everything, but I can't do anything
I would give all that I have to know where you are)

I'll always carry you inside my heart and you
You'll never know how much I wonder where you are
I always knew that you would take a part of me away with you
And I never got to say good-bye

I look in the mirror now and all I see is yesterday
At night I hear your voice and it is calling out my name
And with every hour just hold on to what you can
They're lost in a moment and fading away in the night
(I would change everything, but I can't do anything
I would give all that I have just to know where you are)


...and I never..ever...said good-bye...
That night is just a memory
But I still feel you standing next to me
And when I think I hear your voice all I hear is the RAIN...

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