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I want to die a brutal way Instead of just fade away Shredded flesh mutilated Severed head decapitated Ripped and torn piece by piece Rape my corpse then leave me in peace more

A sultry, wicked femme fatale with blotchy skin all pale and sweet, A sickly facial glow with holes and gaps dotted along her rotten teeth Hair drawn up high pulling back her face, more

Twelve years on has anything changed? Laughed at, ridiculed, taking the blame Screaming for change with an ignored voice Freedom or oppression we offer the choice It's more

Do you see the Pain
Do you see the Power
Do you see the Hate
Do you see the Shit
You say're for the system
What harm can it really do
to back up more

Gadget - Requiem chords lyrics

The shadows have grown longer Time is up, realize; These are the final days A final breath, a final sigh We are deprived, in riches Denied in spirit Stolen by complexity more

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