Right Back To You Lyrics & Chords By Eric Roberson

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Back in the day, before there was love
before there was us, before I knew what
it really meant to have me somebody
who's really there giving there all for me
back in the day, I didn't know none
before we was one
I learned on the run
what it would take to keep our hearts happy
straight to the end can't let this chance pass me
baby we made mistakes but I see just what it takes
the last thing i want us to make is steps that we'll take us far from our fate
girl how can something so clear just push back something so near
Now I don't want to be cause of your tears,
your worries your fears should all disappear
there's no need to worry
just that I am ready
even when I'm away my heart
stands right back here with you
whenever you call girl my heart reaches back for you
no matter how far away
my heart runs right back to you
back in the day I would have jsut ran
but now here I stand I'm amking these plans
what's in a day if you're not my future
why give these words if they do not move you
I wanna just build, I wanna just heal
(?) it feels, when out on the field
most of my boys think that I've gone crazy
cause since I met you none of these girls phase me
baby it's you I hold, lately it's hard to let go
it's crazy even when I know that I just have to go I can't pull to the door
I know it has to be love
you fell down from above
as if you came down here just for me
to somehow help me see
how heaven can be
More ever more
You will find so much love (?) in me
I've learned to love
take your time so that you can see you can trust in me
So Baby, won't you lay back
My lady, won't you relax
I got you, take care of that
your front to your back
your sides and all that
all that is mine
what comes to mind
put those behind
love your design
(?) rewind

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