Right Or Wrong Lyrics & Chords By Eric Roberson

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I wanna love you I wanna kiss you,
And when I miss you, I really miss you
I wanna give it, give it to you
Whether it's right or wrong baby,
If you feel it then why you hide it
Or if you like it then why you fight it
I wanna give it, give it to you whether it's right or wrong baby
[Verse 1:]
Thought about you as I wrote this
So much to say hard to show this
Even tho I know you know this
I'm focused
I want this girl
More than anything I can wish for
Never been so real and so sure
Every day I want it even more
I'm at your door
I know the deal yeah
I know my style don't match your lifestyle
Ms. Corporate Chick meet Mr. Wild Child
You stack it up while I just freestyle
For a while, let's c how it goes
Even tho it's so heavenly
I see you back steppin so steadily
Why can't we let it happen and just let it be
Why can't we let it breathe oh
[Verse 2:]
Need you right here to help me thru this
Look at this world and be so ruthless
I look at you and feel we can do this
If the newness, if I go thru this, girl
Enough to know you ain't a play thing
You a good girl, an everyday thing
My partner in crime, my never stray thing
So amazing, I'm bout to bring it for
Now here's our chance don't make me let it go
The closer you are I want you even more
You like it today plus you will never know
How things will go
So let it play
Everyday it may amplify
A beautiful vibe to mimic other's try
From this day I mean this: I will never lie
Unless it's by your side oh
We can be friends we can be close
We can just share things that most do not see
Baby you and me
We were meant to be
For eternity, baby
[Chorus x2]
Wanna love you baby girl even if it's right or wrong
You know I dedicate this song to you baby cause I hope ya singin along
Your pop don't like me cause I rock and roll spend most of my time all around the globe

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