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You stripped it all away on your own, for once I wasn't possessed all alone
If I was the body, you were the head, No separation
Don't let me hold on
Don't let me hold on
I, I can wait forever for you to fall
I've waited forever to ask "how do you sleep at all?"
Cant earn back time, So this time I will not falter
But I can walk on water, Yes I can walk on water
Maybe Ill break somebodies jaw, leave them spitting teeth on the floor
Two of us digging through this hole called life but only one mystic gripping the light
I've let you down, but I wont let you down again
Hear me now, We will never be friends
Torn apart by the rip tide, Never meant to collide, only separation
No more surging waves, we are circling the drain and I am celebrating
You want to believe the supernatural? Then watch us turn intimacy to shame
I've let you down, But I wont let you down again
We will never be friends

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