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I don't know exactly when it started going downhill Let's take it back to the days it was about skill Before it was sweet boys parading as tough geeza's Educated more

[Mr. Lif] Begin initiation, it's been too many years awaitin While other niggas fell off I been contemplatin What's the best to blow up the scene Murder all the wack and more

Chorus: Smart bastard, he ain't known, he lays low and never leaves a trace where he goes Smart bastard, does a racket sniff, stacks pinks when he comes out his [gaffa mint?] more

I pray to God to keep me sane; Blaze the herb, ease the pain, Take some time, breath again. We need a change, Instead of blottin' B again, A circle of deceit again, more

War of the replicants Dawn of the predators Perilous Puffing on the tusk of an Elephant Walk with a swagger Talk with some venomous grammar More heavy than Gabba more

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