Saraswati Intro Mantras Lyrics & Chords By Dave Stringer

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Jaya Shiva Omkaara, Jaya Hara Shiva Omkaara Brahma Vishnu Sadaashiva Hara Hara Hara Mahaadeva more

Shree Ram Jai Raam Jai Jai Raam Jai Seetaaraam, Jai Jai Hanumaan Jai Seeyaaraam, Jai Baaba Hanumaan Seetaaraam Seetaraam more

Shri krishna govind hare murari Hey nath narayan vasudeva Shri krishna govind hare murari Hey nath narayan vasudeva Shri krishna govind hare murari Hey nath narayan vasudeva more

Complete Mantra: Sa Ta Na Ma Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung Language: Sanskrit Translation: Sa Ta Na Ma: The five primal sonds representing the complete cycle of life. Ra: Sun more

Om na-mo Bha-ga-va-----te Vasudeva-ya (Om is the name of that inside me, which is aware of the unity of all things) - India more

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