Sepulchural Slaughter Lyrics & Chords By Exhumed

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From deep in the vault comes the sound of flesh cleaving, Limbs are sawed off
as mourners are bereaving, Sarcophagi splattered with offal and bile, Tripe
drips down the walls of this crypt now defiled... Sepulchural slaughter... I
slaughter my meal with sublime expertise, A mad butcher quite adept at my
trade, Organs ground to pulp, to serve, chew and gulp, Now on my block your
head is laid, Slaughtering the deadstock I chop, Fromaldehyde oozes on the
floor, Mangled limbs are hacked "til they drop Leaving nothing but pure rotten
gore... The blade is sawing the flesh that's for gnawing, Tender morsels of
this human entre', The saw that is slicing my meal so enticing, Is a tool that
I've used to slay... The crumbling casket now conatins, Just graven gore and
splattered remains, Intestines strewn throughout the site, A grisly massacre,
the last f**king rite... Sepulchural slaughter...

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