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Aventura - Skit chords lyrics

Hello? Jeeeeee Hello? Jeeeee Hello? who's this? this johny marine? Yes it is. you doin? Im doin good, im doin good... Who am I speakin to? more

Ak-69 - Skit chords lyrics

Do you wanna ride with me So Nice… Come and touch the sky with me Feelin' all right right right Lovin' that P.O.R.S.C.H.E. music Do you wanna ride with me So Nice… more

Bushido - Skit chords lyrics

He left no time to regret Kept his dick wet With his same old safe bet Me and my head high And my tears dry Get on without my guy You went back to what you knew So more

(Hello?) Hello wassup, who dis (Who dis?) Wad' do ya mean who dis? That's you spanky (No, there's no Spanky here This is, uh, Fo Foo Yung uh...) more

Cam'ron - Skit chords lyrics

{Dialing} "Thank you for calling the--" {Dialing} "I will be... Please hold." I'm grimey. I like-- I still get head from crackhead. {Ringing} "Hello?" more

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