Sofa Star Lyrics & Chords By Ron Hawkins

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There is a star that bears your name
A sad, reluctant, amber flame
I lay here, holy on the sofa
But then your pale and trembling feet
Two-dozen floors above the street
Shook me wholly from this coma

And ain' t it funny how the love we crave
Seems just like money now, so hard to save
And then it's dumbstruck, goin' up, 22nd floor
And then a short climb, two at a time, through the fire door
And you said, "who the hell are you?!"

There are no stars that bear my name
But I am up here just the same
Your sad reluctant new companion
I've heard them say, "Hey, don't look down!"
I can't believe that that's the best advice that anyone could hand out

And why do all our dreams end up this way?
I guess it's none of my business anyway
So I won't interfere, I'll sit here and whistle you a song
And if it's in your key, feel free, you can hum along
And if anyone comes along before we're through
We'll say, "who the hell are you?!"

Nothing but stars for miles around
(From the street)
It's a long way up but a short trip down

Before your heart sinks like a stone
Think of the ones left below
If not the ones you're yet to know
Give them a chance to love you oh

Turn around, please come down, I don't get it
Turn around, please come down, don't let it
Turn around, please come down, I don't get it
Turn around, please come down

Think twice, close your eyes, take my hand in your own
And if you step down, turn around, I will walk you home

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