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Of course I want there to be an us,
I've always wanted that
But how
And if giving time and patience
Trying hard to understand
We never feel the power of our own hands
Sense the danger late
And only vaguely ever grasp the means of our sole salvation?

What then?
Do it right, do it now!
Here there, everywhere
Shouting out "I'm mad as hell"
He pushes his legs against the bed
And feels the triumph flooding through his head
He could conquer,
He could win,
Now that dying only means you're not in next week's programme
Stop being a baby

Will you stop, will stop it
Won't you stop play-acting little man?
Just how long till you drop it
Will it be this year, next year, sometime, never?
Stop, when you feel like saying "Have a heart but don't take mine"
There's a new dance "The Tolerence,"
And it just might be your sole salvation

sole salvation
sole salvation
sole salvation
Skabadoo ooh yeah,
Yeah skabaday,

Make a cross,
Make amends,
Set the record straight
We've never said the only things we should have ever
Bothered saying
Lets write out a list of things we need
Lets strike a brand new deal
That's stron for any man,
But has a woman's understanding in it
and then finish!

Just stop, when you feel like saying "Have a heart, but don't take mine"
Try a new dance "The Tolerence,"
It just might be our sole salvation,
sole salvation sole salvation sole salvation
sole salvation,
sole salvation?
Oooh yeah yeah
Skab-a-doo, skab-a-day
Skab-a-doo, skab-a-day.

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