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Do you remember when the carnival came by?
It was late September ‘99
You were staying on my sofa, packing bags and throwing darts at maps at random
I was in love with the dancing in the streets
But you won’t stay still for anything

As the years went by you never settled down, did you?
You’re a postcode lottery
And I’m the girl they built the town around
And suddenly, just when I least expect it, you’ll be around
Well are your Silk Cut running out?
Or are you holding out for something else?

As the city descends on us
With the weight of a thousand cartoon anvils falling endlessly down
You’ll be the first to leave town
You’re the sound of the carnival
You’re the sound of a psychedelic orchestra that took to the streets
Swept all the girls off their feet
Am I just some repetitive beats?
Left feeling incomplete

I bought a GPS just to follow you around, sunshine
You’re a postcode lottery
Dressed in 1980s hand-me-downs
On summer days, when you rush past my window I feel alive
When my head’s still spinning round
I can’t help keeping two feet on the ground

As the city will carry us
With the speed of a thousand rollercoasters swiftly spiralling round
You’ll be the blur at the front
You’re the sound of the carnival
You’re the sight of a thousand modern dancers who abandoned the script
Swept all the boys off their feet
Am I just some repetitive beats
To make you feel complete?

And when I tell you you’re a lottery
I quite admire the whole philosophy
You’re the chaos of the town
So now I’m throwing clothes in rucksacks and I’m aiming darts at atlases, with you by my side
The carnival passing me by for a while

And the city will lift us up
With the grace of a thousand northern landbirds heading south for the sun
Let yourself blink and we’re gone
We’re the sound of the carnival
We’re the sight of a thousand summer festivals that took to the streets
Swept all the kids off their feet
Seeking something that’s out of our reach
Where everything’s complete

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