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This chick, right next to me
She wants to be like one of the most famous people that you see
Celebrity, whatever we just rocking in your basement
She says "I'm so damn tired of waiting
I want everyone to know what my name is"
If you feel me, reach your hands up to Spaceland
Take your clothes off you can ask shameless
I'm trying to bring this music that everybody can feel son
I'm Dennis the Menace, holla back to Mr. Wilson
And yeah they will son because they know it's good
Hoodie Allen Goodey, drops goodies, oh yeah we in the hood
And we misunderstood, pull out your thesauruses
First World tour, you got me packing up the tourist man
First world tour, the label said to bring the es
And light it up like forest, be cool like I'm Zachy Morris man
Damn, we getting so much publicity
That I almost feel like I'm Britney
They want the money and the party, let the tricks in
But I gotta work because this ain't no quick fixing
This is what my father told me when I was a kid son
I did not believe him, I just thought that it was fiction
I asked her name, she said "blah, blah, blah with all that chatter"
I guess some things change, some don't, it doesn't matter
Go and get down, down, down for the cause
All my pretty people give a round of applause
And we down, da-da-down, down for the cause
All my pretty people give a round of applause
Go and get down, down, down for the cause
All my pretty people give a round of applause All-all my pretty people get down
Aiyyo, man this girl is super mad
I'm glad I'm never picking up man
She's also super bad, I be callin' her McLovin'
Man I am the dumbest wiz-kid you could stomach
On the L-I-Double R with your iPod humming
I'm trying to take your money but you call it the government
Telling them the only way I come is pretty gruff with it
Rub it in, sun tan lotion in the summer man
Trying to catch a ride in our van, I got some other plans
Cause who would of thought we'd see these asses
While day-dream doodling in my classes
Writing classics on my notepad just scribbling on my past
I'm passing to many notes, with hopes trying to romance them
Like all of a sudden now we're handsome, damn son
And we just need some cash from your advance to go and hand some
These women are crazy, we keep living amazing
And I'm off to Spaceland for vacation

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