Start A War Lyrics & Chords By Lena Fayre

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I'll piece apart the words to start
I'll piece apart the words to start
I've been tryin all day but I don't have the strength nor time
It's a bad man who breaks the home who breaks the whole

We hang from ropes we can't supply
I need time and peace of mind
My soul in pain but you ease the way, you ease the way
Can the words suffice to soothe my haggard mind

I had dues to pay and bills to pay
I had dues to pay

We didn't have to start a war
I could have held you another time
The battles won I'm on the floor
To think I needed you ever more

Look around you

The coward sings as my soul sleeps
Put it on repeat, I'll put it on repeat
You were too sick to paint the sky blue
I'll write you in black and paint you in oblivion
I push past but you're in disrepair
I fumble you trip up the stairs
And down in prayer

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