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Stay, stay another season, wait, wait before we cry,
The wrong is outside us.
You're right my friend as always,
You're right in what you think.
You're wise my love, I know it;
The wine of truth we drink.
For all that's pure must perish someday; the ship of warmth must surely sink.
You're right my friend as always; you're right in what you think.
But stay, stay; wait, wait.
Stay another season, wait before we cry,
The wrong is outside us, but inside us our love can never die.
Each spring that ripens to fruitful summertime
Comes after that cold winter when tenderness is crime.
No one can believe in love or conceive in love like ours.
Some other season they'll get their way, regret their way,
But let's be colorblind and numb to time while we may.
You're right my friend as always, yet before our hearts we rend
Lets love while love is in us; consider not the end.

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