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(Verse 1)
My daddy always said: 'Spread love, it will come back
Paint your heart red, like a sunset
Nothing but a rough sketch, boy that's enough said
Go and live your life
Don't roll with the wrong cats'

The rights and wrongs, the wrongs and rights
There's a righteous wrong in the songs I write, right?
I like to juggle with the right amounts of wrongs
As I'm struggling at night as I write another song

(Pre-Chorus 1:)
I've seen 'em coming, seen 'em go
I've heared the song, I've seen the show
Now still young yet feeling old
Now I ain't ready for the so called fields of gold

I fell in love a million times

But man I still don't know
What i wanna be when I grow up
I don't wanna be a moneymaker
Never wanna be untrue
I wanna be just like you

(Verse 2:)
Right, so maybe I can train my left brain a bit
Whenever people talk smart I can say some shit
Like some amazing shit
Maybe I should get into the sales bizz and make mills
Like my neighbour did

I'll be that big shot calculating
How much he be worth today
Drown in papers, no mistaking
Count a life away

(Pre-Chorus 2:)
I've seen 'em coming, I seen 'em go
I heared the song, I seen the show
Now still young yet feeling old
I've got some dreams to live before you see me go
Now listen

I been on national tv


I wrote bars, they set me free
I own a car with leather seats
I've seen crowds of thousands, waving, jumping
They screamed our name, and we played them something
Pretty girls, they seen my bed
And when they leave I never weep for that no
I shook the hand of the queen and still
I've got some dreams to live and I don't need regrets

(Chorus x3)

I wanna be just like you
I wanne be just like you
I wanna be just like you

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