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So its hard to get rid of me say im a marked man but they ain't marking me physically Im a pace setter so im starting it instantly So its hard to get rid of me Millitant more

War of the replicants Dawn of the predators Perilous Puffing on the tusk of an Elephant Walk with a swagger Talk with some venomous grammar More heavy than Gabba more

Gotta Keep Up Gotta Gotta Keep Up Gotta Keep Up Gotta Gotta Keep Up Back In The Days Before I Got Paid, I Wasnt Too Pretty So I Never Got Laid As Soon As I Changed The Size Of more

Performed by Mr. Key Verse One Mister thick ill his fate Im still sick an depraved With a pick and a spade I sit diggin' a grave Man you dont even need to read the ink more

Look, look cus, I dont care how hard they fucking try, or, how many stunts they wanna pull, cus them clowns will never see me fall. They'll never pull the wool over more

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