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Roses are red. sometimes violets are blue
But we're always puking on cider and glue
People say that we're twisted, you know it's not true
We just get so bad when there's fuck all to do

Life in this building is freezing and wet
If I once had a brain, then I seem to forget
'Cause just when I caught it, it slipped through the net
Now we sedate ourselves slowly, no time for regret

Sunshine ward's laughing, the inmates are here
Filling our lives full of sulphate and beer
We've tried every way to make "real life" less clear
As stupidity sets in, the truth disappears

Sunshine ward's screaming, we crawl to the door
Reality creeps back, I can't take no more
There is no more stairway, we're stuck on this floor
And fear digs in deep, as the patient's hands claw

The happy dream shatters and falls to the floor
The doubt crawling in that we can't just ignore
Should we carry this farce on just as before?
Or start living for life's sake, away from the ward?

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