Swarming Vulgar Mass Of Infected Virulency Lyrics & Chords By Carcass

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Festering scabs, papillae and pores
Hardened carbuncles, spots and cold sores
Pick at the scab, septic blood starts to weep
Rip at my face, ruptured growths start to seep

Blackhead and boils, pustular cysts
Chapped commodores, perspiring zits
Pierce the bland, infected tissue starts to bleed
Diseased and plagued, tumors chew and feed

On ulcerated flesh
On facial mess
On blooming sores
On blistering warts

Squeeze out the blood, the pus I extract
A rancid cocktail, steaming and black
Infested skin, bubbles and bursts
Hackney vulgaris, spluttering pus

The swarming mass
With acid I attack
With razors I hack
Buboes, bulging and black

Squeeze out the blood, the pus I extract
A rancid cocktail, steaming and black
Bursting canker, clustered bullae
Pimples and bones eat me alive

Gnawing, curdling, swarming flesh
Bubbling, seething, disgusting mess
Smarting, abased purple and raw
Pustular, vulgar pimples and sores

The juice is squeezed
Sebum bleeds
Lick the pox
Weals and warts

Festering face
Decrepit and plagued

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