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I know I come to you only when in need
I'm not the best believer
not the most deserving
but all I have all I am all I can
For him
I'd beg you on bended knees for him'

Precious baby, is your life hanging by a thread?
A thread I'm standing on, praying on today
All I have all I am all I can
For him
I'd beg you on bended knees for him

I've got this curse in my hands
All I touch fades to black
Turns to dust turns to sand
I've got this curse on my tongue
All I taste is the rust
This decay in my blood

I don't like the doctor with the deep long face
Only wants to give us the very worst case
I'd rather shout out and shake him and do anything
For him
I'd beg you on bended knees for him

When the moment strikes
it takes you by surprise and
leaves you naked in the face of death and life
there is no righteousness in your darkest moment
We're all equal in the face of what we're most afraid of
And I'm so sorry
for those who didn't make it
and for the mommies who are left with their heart breaking

I search for meaning in sores
The sentences they might form
It's the grammar of skin
Peel it back, let me in
Look for hope in the dark
The shadow cast by your heart
It's the grammar of faith
No more rules, no restraint

How angry I would be
If you'd taken him away
I wish I was wiser but instead
I'll be grateful I'll say thanks
For the joy for the love for the smile on his face
I'd beg you on bended knees for him

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