Ten Dollars A Day Lyrics & Chords By His Hero Is Gone

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There you lay in your bed Electrodes stinking in your head Doctor fiddled about with brains It's conformity time now your insane Your better now with your lobotomy more

Out of the blue I'm in the bleak streets below my window A blur of faces that leaves me feeling despondent and cold Facing a future full of death and debt growing like an abscess more

you bought their lines and you staked their trail, followed their moves to the last detail. and all that they sold you was death, on the five year plan, and left you to rot in more

Doom - Life Lock chords lyrics

No one can see into my mind, I can't express my true thoughts to anyone, Life is like a lock on my mind, Is death the only key? more

the record goes from blue to gold so thank you for all your help I know you want to twist and shout but try to contain yourself you always struck me as the type to take more

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