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Bloodthirsty sadists seek out their sick fun,
now the ritual of death has fucking begun,
in a so called "sport" you pursue in your leisure,
you maim and you torture and kill for your pleasure.
You've taken a life that is worth more than your own
our hatred for you has grown and grown,
for the innocent life you have taken away,
revenge will be sweet, with your life you will pay.
Screams pierce the silence as another kill is made.
Another innocent victim is sent to an early grave.
The valleys echo painfully to the sound of tortured death,
The voice of terror screaming with final bated-breath.
Hounds they rip and tear at the bloody, lifeless form.
The signal for the kill is blown on the huntsman's horn.
The ground runs red with blood as the faceless bastards smile.
Another death sentence is passed without a fucking trial.
So get out in the fields, the bastards must be stopped,
Oppose their senseless slaughter, now's the time to act.
The hunters have just one aim - everything must die,
So sab the hunt and show them - it's their end that's nigh.

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