Texas Funeral Lyrics & Chords By Hop Along

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My son is waiting on me
and he ain’t a patient man
Go and get the sheriff
Tell him anything you can
(Just get him here!)

Burned myself on this
cast iron panhandle
long before you came
Love was never the subject
(Couldn’t talk about my mother
to him)

Seeing Shirley in the oil fountain?
What a woman, dancing
I just wanted a happy ending
(for your little sister
wherever she is)

Don’t be so sore just cause you lost
to your old man
Because none of this is gonna
happen to me within
my lifetime

Aren’t you sick to death of
The word inheritance?
It’s with your great grandparents!
You’ve inherited the wind, fool
I hope you enjoy it.

But I’m going out flipping the bird to California
Keep your melting stars!
I followed all the rules
I wasn’t the one who turned the screw so hard

We have a great wanting in common
But none of this is gonna
happen to me within
my lifetime

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