That Is What Everybody Fears And Wants Lyrics & Chords By Powder! Go Away

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PLT (Willie McCool): OK Houston, we're gonna start APUs 1 and 3 now. CAPCOM (Charlie Hobaugh): And Willie, we're with you on remaining APU start. CAPCOM: And Columbia, the more

Now we're apart. Though not through choice. Do we stay mute? Or raise our voice? more

Everybody knows things are bad. It's a depression. Everybody's out of work, or scared of losing their job. The dollar buys a nickel's worth; banks are going bust; more

- Lauren, wait. Hey, wait. Lauren. - Oh my god. - Can't we talk? - No! - Lauren, don’t walk... Hey! I really did try to kill myself! Just before I faked it. more

We are young, confident, affluent, and with no memory of tougher times We've grown up in an era of never ending financial growth And expected things to stay that way We've more

Tracks related to that is what everybody fears and wants - powder! go away

it will never end

by: powder! go away


by: all angels gone


by: beware of safety

the supposed common

by: beware of safety

final breath

by: break my fucking sky

forget it

by: break my fucking sky

the only thing you need to know

by: before and after science

point of beginning

by: one day of december

clear blue sky

by: followed by ghosts

all is lost

by: followed by ghosts

as we sleep

by: we made god

sometimes it's not so bad

by: goonies never say die

rabid glow

by: oh hiroshima

see you next life

by: iceberg theory

no return

by: iceberg theory

to fall without landing

by: it may never end

sticks & stones

by: it may never end


by: locomotora

kodac moment

by: moonlit sailor


by: moonlit sailor

the dead man's waltz

by: nevermind the name

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