The Ballad Of A Mix Tape Lyrics & Chords By Comet Gain

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And as we read, the world written in red

Luminous language and what was said

Our future's terminal and anything good will do

We will do it today and then throw it away

And these are the records

These are the friends

These are the monuments

Dreams never end

Fans and scrappy cassette sounds

Pagan ampex spectral clouds

Something is missing

Something is missing

Unwilling to bend our knees

But willing to burst into flame

In Washington state or Newcross Gate

Always remember the failures

Always remember and tell us when you do

Tell us when you do

A stereo's as cheap as it takes

Our bookshelves full of mixtapes

Of punk and soul and damaged rock 'n roll

The Go-Betweens and Supremes

And the Chills and the Dills

Something is missing

Something is missing

Remember the lost bands that never had a hope

Checks and Credits by Toulouse

It was scratchy, it was great

Unseen history of these bands

Like a building built on fertile land

But I own that fanzine and the 45s

And I promise not to let them die

And in the skin of the world

We're like a heartbeat

Our rotten teeth like cobblestones

In the pathway of forgotten things

Haunted all our favorite bars

And nurtured hard our daydream scars

Something is missing

Something is missing

Change of river, running back to the sea

Detour this to the heart of the dream

Thank you, that guitar (?) to words

Amplify tears and rusty badges

Fingerprint photograph smudges

Our mixtapes are memories for unseen histories

And mixtapes are memories for unseen histories

What means the most to you, it means the most to me

What means the most to you, it means so much to me

And something is missing

Something is missing

I put my tongue in my mouth

A bit of black tooth comes out

This happens monthly

Rotten footsteps to goodbye

We found this out in the underground

And we felt so proud to be on the ground

And something is missing

And something is missing

And something is missing

And something is gone

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