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Colossal Insight {Colossal, man} Invites the soul {Inviting of the soapbox} Sturdy after good food {More sturdy} Colossal Insight {Colossal!} Invites the soul {Inviting more

Teachers who saw their education as a blessin Come to school now all in a sort of depression All o' da kids in the class, they all stressin The teacher's just waitin for more

Don't ever hand me a dead mic, hand me a light and a Red Stripe Before you end up Colombian neck tied Run from your death get caught in the next life Hit with a very heavy more

Verse 1 Yo, if i reach a boiling point roll me a joint. heads or tails, let me toss my coin. If it lands on tails then im bringing em' hell. Beating them pussies straight more

(feat. Deckwrecka , Roots Manuva) [Roots Manuva] On the South of the river is where I reside Making movements discrete coz I know I'm being spied Beast eyes be all up on more

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