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I've never thought my choices would have consequences
Loaded with so much regrets day after day.
Listen, this is a lesson kid.
Chose the path you'll walk,
And never follow the lights of a herd you undergo,
'Cause you heart means more than your status.
And there'll always be people to not understand,
So let them go away.
Never fear your dreams: this is my mistake,
I let them go away in silence.
Now I'm not finished with masturbation.
Don't waste your time kid you will never fit this world.
I used to try integration and pay it 24/7.
I'm your father and I'm no king,
But the last loser of this family.
Broken, useless, my life is suspended to this clock.
I'm sick of seeing the hungry me,
Unsatisfied in the mirror.
I'm your father not a god, so let me go away ...

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