The March Of Brian Boru Lyrics & Chords By Blood Axis

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We who live on the edge of the Earth and who are the last full work of freedom, have to this day been protected by our remoteness, by the mystery and fear created by our name.

But now, the frontiers are open and beyond us is no other people, nothing but the sea and still they come. Their usurpation is not to be escaped by flight, self-obaisment, nor of peacement. The plunderers of the Earth are now invading the seas, because having devastating everything, they now have no more land.

If their enemy is wealthy, they are greedy. If he is poor they will be after glory, this race for whom neither east nor west is home. Alone among peoples they have looked with equal greed at both rich and poor alike. Stealing, murdering and plundering they call government. And where they created a desert, they call it peace

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