The Outsider (aka Hell Is For Heroes, Pt. 1) Lyrics & Chords By Modern Life Is War

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So what the fuck are you going to do, kid?
Still ratting at the chains of the gates of the world?
But you can't quite pretend
Still tasting youth's bitter exile
Here in your empty generation's wasteland
Where all the things that you've been clinging to are being ripped
From your hands!

Restless soul
This place will never be your home
And if you wanna have it all
You've gotta let it all go
Before the adult world strings you up
And skins your skinny bones
Clean to the bone!

'Cus all this time you've been searchin' for something real
And now the pressure is coming down on you.
You've gotta turn this despair inside-out
And turn it into your way out

'Cus heaven knows you're sinking
And I know we're much the same
So cheers to our rebel hearts
Not just another fuck you
But a bedside love song
For a chosen few!

We feel like we've been left in the wind
To die in the dust
With no one speaking to us
So we are speaking up
Throwing out our anchor against the fear
Your revelation time is near

So try and listen to the voice urging you on
This is it kid-
This is your last chance
And this is the only way to glory
And this-
Is our last dance!

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