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Growing up on the outskirts of town
To the sound of ice cream vans and flight paths above
And we raced on bikes through the streets after dark
Till that girl got knocked down by a Volkswagen car
And she stayed inside as she started to heal
As the cinema closed and the theatre closed too
And I'd later run through the high street at night
Past the charity shops and the flashing blue lights on the outskirts of town

Endless Threads was a shop on my road
Opened in autumn, by winter it's closed
As it found no favour with home-made designs
As the kids wait on platforms for city-bound trains
And the girl with the bike moved in over the shop
Opened the boxes the owners forgot and their
Faded plans for a cinema club
Simply gathering dust with the discounted clothes

And a handwritten note, with the words…

"To whomever this letter might find
Here's the last of my dreams on the outskirts of town
I'm in love with the smiles on pedestrian streets
But I've fallen for something that's out of my reach
And I guess the anonymous city's for me
And I guess I'm naïve if I think I'll survive on the outskirts of town"

And I understand, I can see the bright lights in your eyes

And she folds the note, puts it back in the box
Hands in the clothes to the charity shops
And she leaves her bike on some railings unchained
And then waits on a bench for a city-bound train on the outskirts of town

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