The Town And The Hills Lyrics & Chords By The Lucksmiths

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The road is long and slow
The clouds are hanging low
About the shoulders of the hills
Where the shadow kills the light
Your face and hands are cold
And if I may make so bold
You could be made of marble, dear
That's just what I fear
The stars are out tonight
The stillness of the light
The weight of shadows cast
Like pieces of the past
I've been told
That when our bones are old
The sea will rush this place
And wipe it clean
Listen to me this time
The city sand and lime
And skylarks long have left it's streets
Where the darkness meets
The cold and empty lanes
Carried home in trains
The beery and the sore
The drunken and the poor
When was the last time you sang
Along with the bells as they rang
And people didn't stop to stare?
Even if I could reconcile
The two of us for a quarter mile
I'm not convinced it would be
A good reason for us to depart
The highway, go back to the start
The longest road stretched below
Where the darkness meets
The river as it bends
Through the shadow wends
It's way to unquiet seas
And when you feel the breeze, at last
When was the last time you sang
Along with the bells as they rang?

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