The Ugliest Happy You've Ever Seen Lyrics & Chords By Ken Mode

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No matter how much I do, there is an overwhelming sense that I'm not doing enough;
In every facet of my life. A heavy psychological burden to be carrying;
Like a backpack full of fifty five pound plates.
But it brings with it a clear message: never accept mediocrity.
A hunger that can never be fed; True satisfaction never felt.
Couple this with a deep rooted,
unspecified anger that has existed and remained constant for the greater part of my post-pubescent life,
save for a few short periods of general contentment.
And we're starting to paint a seemingly dreary picture.
But fret not my dear, for within this state I am driven.
Within this state I cannot fail.
Within this state I will attack the challenges I've laid before myself without reserve and with unbridled passion. Within this state I find life.
This is the ugliest happy you've ever seen.

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