Throw Your Hood Up Lyrics & Chords By Rich Gang

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What's your name? What's your name?
Where the fuck do you bang?
Where she bang, where?
What's your name? What's your name?
Who you bang? What, what?
Nigga what, what?
What you say? What you say?
If you bang, you know lames gotta play
Hey, I get rid of all the haters with rabies and scabies on my baby
Niggas, throw your hood up
Nigga, throw your hood up
Hey, throw your hood up
Nigga, throw your hood up
What's your motherfucking name, nigga?
Where the fuck do you bang, nigga?
What the fuck his name is?
What the fuck he thinking?
Neighborhood Nip I came in on this shit
Most of my homies in the pen' for this shit
Westside is, ain't friends in this shit
Bust at you niggas that pretend with the shit
A lot of niggas tryna blend with the crips
Make him rake bread, kick in for the shit
Run him off cuz he been was a bitch
It's a big ass hood but it's a small ass clique
Look, full real niggas and we hate fakes
Round table, politicking on a (?)
Can't run a nigga credit then he ain't straight
Gang of volunteer killers and they can't wait
I'm from where they cut holes in the gate
Take him to the back, and expose if he's fake
Point Blank, shoot a hole in his face
No weapon, no witness, that's the whole in this case
County jail front line with a shank
Ask Game, neighborhood in their face
Homies left out the chain to the state
But I kept it down way in a whole different day
Roll it up, do a whole different game
Rap money, that's a whole different bank
Niggas did so much dirt in LA
Got these niggas banging this in a whole different state
Look, look
Bloody Jay, I'm bloody, (?) cuz I'm throwing it up
Like a alley-oop, murder game nigga so you know i'm going to shoot
Take a look at me and you know i'm suwoo
Flame tho, Flame tho, Flame tho
Bentley bees
Firing out these pistols relentlessly
And we hitting everything, like Nowitzki threes
You know I'm on a balad, that's blood with it
Red drank, that's blood lean
Strip ya pockets taking shit the fuck down, that's blood team
Team blood, can you keep up?
Catch up, blood Rich Gang
Bitch wait, wait
Ay, I'm banging blood but I'm boolin on Slawson, nigga
And I'm popping molly, no X, no dolphin nigga
Aaahh, I live life like a shark, I'ma jaw that nigga
Ooohh, I'm shooting (?) like a boss, lil nigga
Nigga, don't bother my line trippin bout no bitch, nigga
You better not ever think I'ma let to Simon like Mitch, nigga
Don't ever think I'ma ride your bitch and don't do no tricks, nigga
Ride a Tec, ride a Tec, Tec Tec
Get the pussy nigga tatted up for free, that's free, I ain't charged no tax
I ain't thaught no

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