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I'm suffocating from mediocrity
Give the death blow, cut the heart out
Senseless kids are unstable stepping stones
Use them up for all they're worth
Once your feet are wet let them drown the rest
I'll shit on your name with my last breath
Don't you know where the fuck you are?
Don't you know where the fuck you stand?
Punk rock cred wouldn't feed the thrill
Corporations are paying the bills
Sharks keep moving with the bottom in sight
Disgraced low life, you can't swim with the best
Justify your existence through a petty excuse
So afraid to face the ugly truth
I'd knock your teeth out but I fear infection
You're not the first train wreck without direction
These walls are crumbling from insurrection
We believe in the same faith yet we are a contradiction
I've lost my faith in you, in what should I trust?
I've lost my faith in you, in what should I trust?

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