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If you're under 18 you don't have any rights
They force you to conform, plan your whole damn life
By the time your 21 the brainwashing is done
You're sucked into there system there is no return
Look at the world your parents gave to you
Full of hate, full of lies
Look at the way your parents live their lives
By the rules, not by choice
They force traditions on you won't let you be yourself
If you're different from them, they say you'll go to hell
You're locked up in group homes or in juvenile hall
They give you stupid curfews everything's against the law
Take charge of your life You're old enough to know what's right (X2)
Authority's established by instilling fear in you
They tell you that you're powerless there's nothing you can do
Move in with a friend if your parents mistreat you
Start organizing protests with all the kids at school
Don't end up just like them, don't end up just like them!

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