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I saw a black man on T.V., brutalized by authority, he was,
He was beatened to the ground, clubbed over and over,
Just another case of abuse of power, it just so happens all the cops were white,
6 on 1 the pigs prove their might!, race crimes commited throughout the years,
Police thrive off the public fears
Now is the time to rise from this staggent slumber.
Stop the racist crime, before it's figures grom in number, besides proof beyond a resonable doubt,
Amidst the angry ories and shouts, the guilty party get off scat-free,
In thier white-ex cop community, basic rights stripped because of ones race,
Among the jury, not a single black face riots insure public outrage and anger supressed for fucking ages,
Some times it takes more than shouts and banners,
We must fight back but not in this manner,
You have'nt challenged those who are to blame,
Your cells and innocence the ones you maimed,
These ignorant scum they have to pay but there's gotta be a better way,
Human rights pertain to all the people,
We've got a long way to go before we're truly equal,

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