Walls (we Lose Each Other) Lyrics & Chords By Code Orange Kids

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i can feel my bones growing into burdens
i can taste teeth decaying on my tongue.
in all the realizations that fall to dust as the morning comes
where all dissonance drips away and the coldest nights await
moments of sightless rest serve as slights gusts of peace.
until I'm awakened by dreams drenched in reality
where I watch someone else's hands grace the only thing I've ever loved.
I want to burn like the sun that stains my eyes.
i want to burn, i want to live
just to salvage was hasn't been withered into iron hearts, throats of gold
I have four white walls but no solitude.
I refuse to let your structure fold so let my name dissolve.
i want to burn (like the hope of empty men)
i want to live (like there is nothing else but this)

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