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And he once said, "Everyone is dead" And he once said, "Death abandons guile and strides" And he once said, "...bloody sun bullying the sky" more

My brother be, calm amongst withered grain. Come join me, from life's ebb we shall refrain. Your failing eyes half blindly stare and glimpse this fevered face, valediction. more

Through innocent minds the knife guides in, Cutting the lifeline to sanity, Replacing lives with possessions and greed, Like blind children we search frantically. Our more

It's a race against time And there's nowhere to hide So they look for the sign In the sky No sanctuary But it's all a mistake It's already too late The more

Let not another tree fall in the name of greed. Not one more tribe "civilized" for the lust of money. Not one more species forced extinct to to fill the pockets of the scum more

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