Welcome To Castle Irwell Lyrics & Chords By Crywank

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I woke up this morning wanting to cry
And when I called her, I realised why
Although she was honest, she spoke with a cold tongue
I broke down in the courtyard when it came to light
She broke every promise in the space of one night
She made me hate this city, immediately

I thought she was something else
But as it turns out she was just someone else
And there were four questions I wanted to ask
Do you love him yet? Do you think it will last?
Were you wearing the pants I bought you?
Do you ever think he thought you resembled me in some way?
A boy left to break

Spent two years together, I thought I made her better
All my best friends told me I should forget her
But I never could, I thought that I should
I need to stop thinking about the things I'll never do again
And just be glad I did them, and I'm so glad I did them

First love does not mean best love
And best friends may not mean best friends forever
But they both mean at some point, somewhere, someone did care
And their memory's still there

I know she was special, I know she was good
I know she wasn't flawless but I know I was loved
I know she had passion, I know she was kind
So why should ending alter my state of mind?
And although I find it hard to relive her
I know that I would always forgive her
She says no regrets, and I say don't forget

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