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Plastic wrap, it's made from Monday. The package for the products your poor hands made. Wrapped in that, your lifes' worth to them. Profits in pockets and in Stock Exchange. more

To live in peace we must reject All oppression on all levels There can be no compromise One man's justice is another man's crime Who has the right to decide Where to draw more

This land is your land and this land is my land From the dirty water of the river Thames To the rusting cranes of the tee another tyne The land that's choking with wires more

Bitter youth angry youth we are pissed off and we will fight back society tells us how to be i want no part of it how to act, what to believe i want no part of it conformity more

There's war in the headlines, war in the heads Of the leaders who feed us til we're overfed We're not hungry anymore for your diet of war Malnutrition for the global poor more

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