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In my life there's no truth, there's just mountains of lies. Search for identity, but wear a disguise. I run and I run and I run and I run and I hide. I'm complicated, more

to new beginnings to continuation to the toasts that push through the ceiling and lofty dreams of cohesion after everything that you wanted to read is written and after more

You're a big boy now, you're all grown up from the silver spoon to the golden cup out all night now, you're making friends high on life and it never ends what you've more

Two ways to choose, On a razor's edge, Remain behind, Go straight ahead. Room full of people, room for just one, If I can't break out now, the time just won't come. more

Why didn’t you kill yourself today? What cross, what coupon, what cathode ray Put the joie de vivre in your diseased heart? How Anne Hathaway, How Peg Bundy Thou art. more

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