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mmm mmm
(Verse 1)
I look in the mirror
And so much has changed
Ever since I had the babies
I just don't feel the same
Ooohh cuz everyday I'm working, or nursing,
Not sleeping or eating
And love life is slipping
And I feel to blame
But today it's like you read me
You knew I didn't believe
You kissed me slow to let me know
To make me see
What you see so easily
You know that I been ...
Well I've been so many things
(You know)
Ooohh but you remind me
(You remind me)
Of a Woman First
(That I'm your woman)
And oohh you make my body remember
Who I used to be
(Who I used to be yeah)
Ooohh when all I had to be was
(All I had to be)
Your Woman First
(Verse 2)
So, so, so
Much pressure to be my best
Tryna juggle it all without a sign of stress
But the look in your eyes say it's safe just
To be myself with you
Cuz you make me feel Honorable, Sexy,
Confident, Funny
Oh thank you baby I'm so glad you still see me
(See Me)
Ooohh you love me with so much grace
Cuz when you're a daughter, a sister, a wife,
and a mother
And everybody needs you more than the other
It's so very easy to loose you
When there's so many other things to do
You didn't have to say a word
It's just the way you look at me
Ooohhh, Yeeaahh
I wanna thank you for loving me

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