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On a blustery winter day
On a crowded underground train
We had the numbers

Holding the cards closer than ever
You could avoid those eyes forever
if you just try it

Lost to the city
Will I ever see your face again?
Lost to the party
It's a wonderland we're livin in

And I'm not sayin' I'm waiting for a star sign
But you are on your way to being left behind....left behind...left behind

February rain is washing all our days away and you feel tired
And the puddles at your feet shine the traffic light
Wishes that you keep and you feel lucky

We could be lions and I'd protect you in our den
We could be polar bears and I would hunt you 'til the end


Feel like the world is ending and I'm with you and I don't care (x4)

(Thanks to Dundi for these lyrics)

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