Your Acheivement Lyrics & Chords By Napalm Death

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Radiation overdose - Melting flesh Life is draining out of you - Toxic death Rotting from the inside out - Flesh turns grey Inhaling radiation fumes - Lungs decay Sickness more

The blood of the wolf infects my body In the night hear the howling Screaming, flesh chewed to the bone Bleeding, eternal horror Dying in the darkness Now one of us more

Wait for fuck!? Freedom to act Greedy corporate whores Technology evolves Corruption unleashed Start the fucking grinding spree Freedom to act Suffering shall come more

Forced into your mind, passed down through the centuries Cultures will collide, holy wars for what? Holy book of god, holy book of lies Chanting scriptures in vain Hoping more

Through man's existence, from the start of time The fight for survival is our only crime Those in power, rotten to the core The ongoing battle of the eternal war What more

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